Written by Brenton Downing | Published – 01/09/2021

An update from our Project Manager, Brenton Downing

Construction of the first stage is continuing with stage 1 earthworks now complete.

Pre-works for the sewer pump station are underway with the pump station due to be installed in the next few days. Coincidentally, Janine just sent me this photo as I write. For context this is one of the most important parts of the project time line.

As you can see, this is a deep hole, and all the white pipes you see surrounding the hole have been pumping large amounts of water from the ground so that it could be dry to dig the hole and place the pump station with that crane.

This area is very close to the lake and lake house. It is nearly 6 metres deep and will allow sewer water from the entire resort to gravity feed to. From there it will be pumped to the ministers sewer line on Southampton Drive.

The detailed design of the Lakehouse is now complete and will be issued to the preferred contractor, Kastle Construction, for pricing in mid-September 2021 with a commencement date targeted for late October 2021.

The detailed landscaping design is complete and will be submitted to the City of Armadale for approval in September 2021. The first landscaping works proposed is the entry bund and wall along Warton Road, where works are expected to commence in November 2021.

All works are being completed with the target of stage 1 homes ready for occupancy February 2021 through to May 2021 with move-in dates at which point the landscaping and Lakehouse are also programmed to have been completed.

Brenton Downing

Written by Janine Thomas | Published – 01/09/2021

An update from our Sales Manager – Janine Thomas

Thank goodness for Spring sunshine! After the wettest winter in over 25 years the sunshine and blue sky sure is a welcome relief!

Now is the ideal time to get your house on the market as buyers are out and about and stock levels are low. When you are downsizing it is imperative to get top dollar for your home, so strike whilst the market it hot as things can change quickly.

We will work in with your selling timeframe to ensure a smooth transition into a brand-new home here at Piara Waters Lifestyle Resort.

Our homes will start arriving from mid-January onwards, so the 4-month countdown is on.

There is upward pressure on building supplies and labour, so this means price increases for our next stages, making Stage 1 a golden opportunity to save at least $20k.

You also get the benefit of maximising capital growth by coming into the early stages whilst the Resort is still taking shape.

Remember there is no stamp duty and no exit fees! There is also no lease fees until the main clubhouse is completed for stage one buyers, even though the lake house building will be completed for stage 1 homeowners

You own your house and therefore you enjoy 100% of the capital growth!

I’ve seen so many people put off downsizing “for another day” and later regret doing so.

Believe it or not, changing house, is ranked as the 3rd most feared in life behind public speaking and dying. That is why I am here to help you.

I encourage you to downsize as early as you can, because the benefits are huge if you do it whilst you are younger, fitter and more active.

Contact me anytime to have a chat over a cuppa and look at some options. I’m here to help make your new chapter in a fantastic resort possible!

Kind regards
Janine Thomas
0407 048 505 janine@providencelifestyle.com.au

Janine Thomas Sales Manager
Ph: 0407 048 505
Email: janine@providencelifestyle.com.au

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