Providence Piara Waters pays homage to the ever-increasing popularity of the Hamptons style – and it’s proving to be a big drawcard with buyers.

Originally inspired by the gorgeous beach houses of New York’s Long Island, Australians have beautifully adapted the look to suit our climate and taste over the past few years, tying in our famous beaches and coral.

Drawing on their interior decorating backgrounds, Resort sales manager Janine Thomas and sales & operations coordinator Ella Wood set out to do the same with Providence.

“A colour palette of whites, greys and blues, along with features such as wide verandas, comfy furnishings, beautiful light fixtures, and textured cushions will come together harmoniously in the Clubhouse and Lakehouse interiors and we know it will have huge appeal,” explains Ella.

“The goal is for it to feel homely but elegant, relaxed yet timeless.

“Our vision is that people will be able to unwind on the expansive verandas of the main Clubhouse – set to be completed mid next year – all year round.

“In winter, they can curl up with a warm cuppa and in summer cool off with an ice-cold glass of their favourite beverage.”

According to Janine, bringing femininity into the décor is imperative.

“This expands to the landscaping so roses, jasmine and lavender will abound, as will pretty pots of hydrangeas – the classic Hamptons blue/white flower – and there’ll be gorgeous sitting areas surrounded by shade and water features.

Information in this article is true and correct as of 22 June 2022.