Built with sustainable living, health and connection in mind, space has been carved out at the Resort for a deluxe community garden.

Designed to complement each home’s private rear yard (ideal for a mini growing space), this larger hub, complete with raised garden beds, will allow the Resort’s homeowners to come together to plant fruits, vegetables and herbs.

The area will include a potting shed, worm farm and composting centre, where fresh food scraps from your home can be converted into a natural source of plant food for the garden.
A chicken coop has also been designed into the space to supply free-range eggs to the Resort community and consume household food waste.

As well, we’re investigating the options for a beehive to produce vitamin and mineral-packed honey and a commercial-grade composting machine to reduce waste to landfill and provide beautiful high-grade mulch for the Resort’s gardens.

The communal garden is an ideal place for the “green thumbs” of Piara Waters to share their food cultivation knowledge, link up with each other and stay well.

Research shows gardening is not only a great way to encourage people to eat seasonal produce and enrich their diets, but also helps them reap the mental health benefits of getting their hands in the soil and connecting with nature.

On top of this, gardening is a fabulous way to stay physically active, and lap up some essential sunshine and fresh air.

A recycling centre (next to the potting shed) is also a feature of this community social space, adding to the sustainability philosophy embedded into the Resort.

Producing food for your own consumption minimises the impact on the environment by reducing the need for transportation, therefore decreasing pollution, does away with the need for food packaging, and slashes food waste.

This hub will help towards our target of reducing our waste to landfill from the community by up to 80%.

Information in this article is true and correct as of 29 June 2022.