We are thrilled to have added Brett and Shellie Gaskin to the team.

Our new Resort Managers – who’ve been married for 40 years and have two adult children, Emma and Elliott – will be living onsite for the first couple of years, helping residents settle in.

Having recently been based on Australia’s east coast, Brett and Shellie have embraced the return to Perth’s incredible lifestyle, and are delighted to again be closer to family and long-time friends.

Brett and Shellie understand lifestyle community living and all the opportunities and adjustments that come with it.

They’re a great team, having worked side by side for the past 15 years, firstly in WA’s spectacular Margaret River region, and then in Victoria.

On the east coast, they worked for one of Australia’s largest and most professional over 50s lifestyle community operators.

Having helped many hundreds of homeowners navigate the often-daunting downsizing journey, Brett and Shellie can offer the Resort’s new homeowners much wisdom.

They’re a great sounding board for those wanting to chat about how to best harness the opportunities and possibilities of a different way of living, and their newfound freedom and fun.

Brett and Shellie have always adopted a healthy lifestyle, but say balance is important: “There’s nothing wrong with having a beer (or two) on the beach whilst admiring the sun setting over the Indian Ocean. It’s therapeutic!”

Thanks to at one time owning an organic vegetable growing business, where the duo sold seasonal produce from a large roadside farm shop, Brett has a special interest in growing herbs and veggies.

Having also owned and operated a busy landscape gardening business and nursery, he’s a full bottle on soil and plant nutrition, growing conditions, crop rotation, and natural pest control.

Shellie has a deep interest in nutrition and has studied Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine.

Previously, she ran one of the busiest single-practitioner health and wellness clinics in Perth, and has consulted to the industry.

Shellie helped develop Olio Bello Margaret River’s gorgeous organic skincare products.
The couple loves to swim and walk on the beach, as well as cycle.

Information in this article is true and correct as of 4 July 2022.