As the first lifestyle resort in Western Australia to be completely masterplanned, Providence Piara Waters is raising the bar on downsizing and upsizing a retirement living plan.

In a new approach to this type of community, all 249 homes at Providence have been pre-designed by award-winning Perth architect Richard Hammond – who specialises in community living projects – and will be constructed in groups of 30 homes.

This means each stage of residences is designed before being sold – a shift from the usual situation where buyers can choose what house they put on their land.

“This approach allows us to ensure each home is designed perfectly for the lot it’s on, and with the neighbouring homes in mind, so the visual appeal of the Resort’s streetscapes can be dramatically improved and maximum privacy maintained,” says sales manager Janine Thomas.

“When you buy your residence, you know exactly what the street and houses next door and across the road will look like, even if they’re not yet sold, which provides wonderful peace of mind.”

The masterplanning also means cross flow ventilation and good solar orientation has been considered for each 1, 2 or 3 bedroom home.

“A further benefit is that because these homes are totally constructed in lots of 30 before being occupied, there will be no vacant lots or inconvenience to your lifestyle,” explains Janine.

“However, we’re excited that there is still room for people to customise their home, if they are happy to secure a future stage home, to suit their individual needs.”

Based on the most popular lifestyle resort house designs and factoring in the most regularly sought after changes, the Resort’s owners have created 13 home designs to choose from.

There are a number of each design available, with slight modifications, in different locations around the Resort.

“After building or supplying more than 2,000 homes in WA communities over the past 25 years, our design team had the benefit of being able to hone in on what works best and then mixed it up,” says Janine.

“For example, if you prefer the kitchen overlooking the street, there’s an option for that, but if you prefer the kitchen to the back of the home overlooking a private outdoor entertaining area, you can choose that option.”

Buyers who secure their home early can also influence the interior painting, cabinetry, air-conditioning, window treatments, and light fixtures, as well as the exterior landscaping, decking and outdoor entertaining areas.

“Our intention was always to set a new standard in resort-style community living in WA and it’s incredible to now be well on our way to achieving that,” says Janine.

“We’re particularly proud to be delivering a beautiful, peaceful space that is designed for a healthy and active lifestyle while encouraging connection and friendship, rather than isolation and loneliness.”

Information in this article is true and correct as of 20 June 2022.