It’s hard to believe Brett and Shellie Gaskin have just celebrated their second anniversary as the Resort Managers at Piara Waters.

It doesn’t seem that long ago a trusted friend recommended I interview Brett and Shellie to take up the position here. I had been telling him about what I was planning and, at the time, Brett and Shellie were based in Victoria. They were managing similar communities over there and wanted to return to Perth to be closer to treasured family and friends. I’m very grateful my friend connected us, as I’m not sure how we would have managed without them. Their dedication to the Resort, commitment to our homeowners and friendly personalities have been wonderful for our community.

On the east coast, Brett and Shellie – who’ve been married for more than 40 years – worked for one of Australia’s largest and most professional over 50s lifestyle community operators.

That means they brought a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to our team and residents, many of whom are navigating the downsizing journey, which can be a challenge. The duo’s former careers and current passions – from gardening to naturopathy – also offer a great deal to the community.

Much of what we’ve done at Piara Waters has been innovative and, while exciting, this has created some teething problems. Brett and Shellie have handled the frustrations that come with this with professionalism, solution-based thinking and compassion, making things that bit easier for all.

The couple live in one of our stunning home designs called Sunshine and the house is located near the corner of the entrance to the Resort, allowing them keep a watchful eye over everything. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Brett and Shellie over these past two years, particularly during our end-of-the-week team get togethers. At these sessions, we exchange our highs and lows, and it’s fair to say it’s been a wild ride for them so far.

All in all, what we’ve all discovered is that Brett and Shellie are all round great people who don’t mind mucking in when the going gets tough and enjoying a beverage when we have some wins!

I, for one, am especially appreciative they chose to call the Piara Waters Lifestyle Resort their job until retirement.

Thank you, Brett and Shellie and we look forward to another fantastic year with you both.

Information in this article is true and correct as of 25 March 2024.